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What do you cook for breakfast the morning after? How can couples share power in the kitchen? We talk food and relationships with advice columnist Dan Savage and Death, Sex and Money’s Anna Sale.

Listeners call in to confess their quirkiest eating habits and desires. But if we’re all weird, doesn’t that make us normal?

How do you get an indecisive group to go to your preferred restaurant? Is pizza a type of flatbread? And if friends say your salsa’s too spicy, should you make milder salsa or get spicier friends?

Visiting a new city and facing a laundry list of restaurant recommendations? Here’s how to tell the good spots from the bad and find authentic local food.

Inexplicably, the folks at Subway let me make a sandwich with their executive chef and ask him all sorts of ridiculous questions about their specs. But I didn't just absorb knowledge. I also dropped it.

Eater Josh calls in with a tip on how to gently steer your friends to the eatery of your choice, without them even knowing what happened.