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On NPR today, I discussed the benefits and pitfalls of eating alone, with some help from Deepak Chopra. He makes a distinction between eating alone and "in solitude," and offers advice on how to get the most out of the experience.

What types of restaurants are best for eating alone? Is it better to sit at a table or the bar? We discuss, then Todd answers a timeless question: What's one food that's not improved by either melted cheese or hot fudge?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we continue our conversation about eating on first dates with Elizabeth Chubbuck from Murray's Cheese. She'll also share her expertise on cheese, including some ideas you'll be surprised to hear from a fine cheese expert. Photo: Flickr CC / meddygarnet

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we talk about first date eating with Elizabeth Chubbuck from famed cheesemonger Murray's Cheese. (We'll tap into her cheese expertise in Part 2.) In this ep we get into choosing a place and ordering. Plus, Dan tells a story of an especially bizarre first date.   Also, this episode contains a Very Special Announcement about future Sporkful goodness. Photo:

We take a call from a husband and wife in desperate need of a Sporkful mediation. He's an obsessive menu meddler, she's embarrassed by his complex special requests. We propose a set of guidelines to help them meet in the middle, then debate the merits of restaurants that forbid menu modifications. More listener call in shows in coming weeks! Photo: Flickr