10 BEST PODCASTS OF 2021 New York Times BEST FOOD PODCAST James Beard Awards Webby Awards
10 BEST PODCASTS OF 2021 New York Times BEST FOOD PODCAST James Beard Awards, Webby Awards

snack mix

Live: Is Sparkling Water Actually Water?

Comic Myq Kaplan and Dan debate the definition of water. Plus, is picking all the pretzels out of a snack mix wrong? A philosophy professor tells us what Socrates would say. Taped live on stage!

Want To Read Some Of Eat More Better?

The first Sporkful book, EAT MORE BETTER: How To Make Every Bite More Delicious, is out now! Click through to find excerpts.

Snack Mix Pt. 1 (Ep 125)

  This week we debate whether snack mix is more like performance art or visual art. Clearly, this will require a second episode. Watch our snack mix video, in which we pay homage to a classic 1980's POW film with Chuck Norris.   Get this week's episode on iTunes hereor stream it here.

Best of The Sporkful: Snack Mix (Ep 102)

Around this time of year, we like to look back at our favorite episodes. Next week you'll find out Dan's favorite episode from 2011. This week, we revisit Mark's favorite topic of the year, snack mix. Aesthetics, physics, engineering and Chuck Norris are all involved in this two-part episode made one by the magic of audio. Also check out our

The Sporkful

This episode is chock full of strategies for making your way in one of the world's most barren food wastelands. We cover both the airport and airplane, short domestic flights and long haul international flights, snacks, entrees, and more. We'll tell you how to mix your cocktail, how to use your pretzels to improve your other food, how to get

The Sporkful

We recognize that snack mix is an undeniably important issue, especially during the NFL playoffs, which is why we've explored it on the audio podcast (in two parts, actually) and in our latest Slate video. And we're not the only people who believe snack mix merits thoughtful discussion. It's the topic of our latest visit to