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Should You Put Ice In Your Milk?

Should you eat at chain restaurants on vacation? Is soup bar food? Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of the podcast For Colored Nerds join us to resolve your disputes.

Presenting The Snackdown: Is Cereal Soup?

In this special podcast version of Dan's new animated web video series The Snackdown, he and Food Network's Justin Warner debate a pressing question. Dan's the spork.

New Year’s Food Resolutions 2017

Sporkful listeners and Dan reveal what they resolve to eat more of in the new year. Plus we replay one of our weirdest, favoritest shows from 2016.

Pho The Love Of Slurping Noodles

Chef Charles Phan shows us the right way to eat Vietnamese pho. Then we take a deep dive into the science of soup slurping with a researcher who studies the mechanics of eating.

Calls: How Do You Eat An Ice Cream Sandwich In The Shower?

Shower beers have long been a delicious, easy way to pamper yourself. But some Sporkful listeners take shower drinking -- and eating -- to a whole new level.

Recipe: Jalapeno Miso Soup in the Shower

This soothing soup is ideal shower cuisine. Fire up your shower -- and your stove -- and pamper yourself!