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the view from your kitchen

The View From Your Kitchen: Eater Tia in Philly Shares Her Cheese + 3 Omelet

We're re-launching our "View from Your Laptop" series with a new name: The View From Your Kitchen. Here Eater Tia in Philly shares a photo and explanation of her "Cheese + 3" omelet.

View From Your Laptop: Leftover Asian Fusion Masterpiece in Delaware

Matt in Wilmington, Delaware, shares this: Hey Guys, Great shows lately, especially with the online German food coverage. I just wanted to share my personal view from my laptop image...I had some baby back ribs left over from the other day and cut off the meat and combined it with hot beef ramen, for a BBQ'd asian fusion masterpiece. I washed

View From Your Laptop: Ice Cream and Lollipops in Los Angeles

Lynn Chen in Los Angeles sends along this photo, which she describes as "lunch on a really hot day in LA -- two scoops of cookie dough ice cream and a caramel apple lollipop." I wonder if she dipped the lollipop in the ice cream, or used the lollipop as an ice cream spoon. Seems like a no brainer! /dan

The View From Your Laptop: A Post-Workout Lunch in Macon, GA

This submission comes from Kara Thomas in Macon, GA: This is my post-workout lunch: fake chicken patty, Trader Joe's bean dip (which is a lot more vinegar-based than your typical bean dip so it has the illusion of being lighter on the stomach allowing you to eat more), sharp cheddar cheese (because mild is for pansies), with a side of lemon-heavy

The View from Your Laptop: Hot Dogs and Sausage with Greens

Sporkful Eater Adam in Bellingham, Washington has more fresh greens than he can handle from the garden, so he's deploying them in innovative ways, with cheese hot dogs and sausage. Here's what he learned: I've found that chard doesn't have enough bite to compete with the overpowering flavor of hot dogs. On the other hand, even kale can't match the power

Smoked Fish: The View from Your Laptop

Cameron enjoys some open-faced smoked kahawai sandwiches. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have this when I was in New Zealand with my wife, but only because there was so much out of this world good food there (Australia too) that we didn't have time to try it all. /mark