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the view from your kitchen

Canadian Cannelloni: The View From Your Laptop

From Lindsay in Surrey, BC, Canada.12:40pm: Leftover (from last night) spinach and ricotta cannelloni and leftover (from breakfast) iced coffee. The cannelloni recipe I have is enough to fill a square glass baking pan and an extra rectangular one. The square one we have for dinner, the extra ends up split into leftovers for a few people the next day. I'm

The View From Your Laptop: Breakfast In Sri Lanka

Jordan's from Chicago, but he sends us these pics of his morning tea and breakfast among the hills of tea country in Ella, Sri Lanka. I don't know which view is more beautiful, the hills or the food. /dan See the full gallery on Posterous

The View From Your Laptop: Fried Egg And Cheese

Tia sends this photo and writes: This fried egg, cheese, and tomato sandwich on rye made for an awesome lunch today! The sandwich was replete with all good things: The all-important cheesy goodness, the tangyness of the rye, the crunchiness that comes from toasting the rye, the multifaceted texture of the fried egg, and the coolness of the tomato. It was awesome! Sounds

The View From Your Laptop: Carrot Muffin In Toronto

This submission comes from Sarah... 9:48 am, Toronto, Canada. Picture was taken with my iPhone in front of my work computer. It's a carrot muffin I made. Nutritious and delicious! This is the second time that I made them, they were better than the first and way more nutritious than the first time as well. /dan

The View From Your Laptop — At the New England Culinary Institute!

We got this pic from Carolynn, who writes: Hey guys - love your podcast. The view from my laptop is in a classroom at The New England Culinary Institute, where I am currently a student in the BA in Culinary Arts program. It's only my third week, and I'm having a blast. The photo was taken on a Friday around 4:30

The View From Your Laptop: Matzah Pizza

Fleeing the Egyptians would have been much more delicious for my ancestors if they had had matzah pizza. Fortunately we have it today, as displayed by Ella (age 9) in Westport, CT. Her siblings Justin (also 9) and Julia also made some. It looks like they took the interesting approach of adding shredded cheddar. Is the tomato sauce straight sauce,