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Should You Put Ice In Your Milk?

Should you eat at chain restaurants on vacation? Is soup bar food? Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of the podcast For Colored Nerds join us to resolve your disputes.

How To Eat Wings: The Meat Umbrella, The Bone Splitter, And More

In this episode of my Cooking Channel web series, You're Eating It Wrong, I learn how to eat chicken wings, with competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti.

The Search For Perfection In Buffalo Wings And Love

A pair of young lovers leads a motley crew of wing fanatics on a quest for the perfect Buffalo wing. But will the universe deliver a happy ending for their hearts and bellies?

Recipe: ‘Where There’s Smoke, There’s No Need For Fire’ Chicken Wings

Too many wing places brag about the level of mental illness required to consume their hottest offerings. But I believe that eating should be about pleasure--not feats of strength.

Junior Eaters Test Revolutionary Pizza Consumption Techniques

Junior Eaters Elsie and Clara review some techniques introduced in my new web series, You're Eating It Wrong.

Chicken Wings, Pt. 2: Dips, Side Veggies, and More (Ep 136)

This week we continue our examination of chicken wings, looking at the important topics of dips, side vegetables and alternative preparations.