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Will The Library Of Congress Cooking Club Rise Again?

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Nov 22, 2021
Will The Library Of Congress Cooking Club Rise Again?

The Library of Congress is the biggest library in the world. It has 500,000 food books alone. A  library with that many books has a lot of librarians, with expertise in just about every region, culture, and period of history you can think of. Since 1949, the library’s cooking club has drawn on that diversity of knowledge to bring together foods from all over the world. But by the 2000s, the club had lost steam and was nearly defunct. Could librarian Laverne Page and database specialist Shirley Loo save the club? Dan travels to the club’s annual holiday luncheon to find out — and to share some of his favorite librarian jokes.

Here is Shirley's recipe for Tomato Surprise:

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Photos courtesy of Shirley Loo and Laverne Page.

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