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Boehner Flip-flops on President Obama’s Slurpee Summit

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Nov 04, 2010


President Obama spent weeks on the campaign trail accusing Republicans of being Slurpee-sipping obstructionists. It wasn't enough to stop a bloodbath for the Democrats, so now he's floating the idea of inviting GOP leaders to a "Slurpee Summit," where they'll plot a course to solve all of America's problems together over super-sugared frozen drinks. 7-Eleven is turning this into a PR orgy.

And now there's an alarming beverage flip-flop from presumptive House Speaker John Boehner. First his office released an excited statement about sharing a Wicked Apple Slurpee with the President. But now Boehner himself is backing off, saying he'd rather have a glass of merlot. Most people expect Democrats to fussily demand grape varietals. Could this be a misstep, an Arugula Moment for Boehner?

He'll probably blame an overeager staffer, who will blame brain freeze. Not sure if Slurpee Populism will be a winner for the Dems. What I do hope, for the sake of the country, is that any Slurpees served will be chosen carefully. I've never been a big Slurpee fan, but I will say the vaguely fruit-flavored ones are far superior to the cola suite. And where does the Tea Party stand on this issue? If we must politicize slush, I'd give a sweet tea slushie (no lemon) a shot. /mark
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