We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Finding Deliciousness in the Barren Wasteland of Air Travel (AUDIO)

As we head into holiday travel season, The Sporkful covers strategies and techniques for air travel eating that can make the experience a little less demoralizing, and occasionally actually delicious. More

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The Ultimate Kids Table, and a Lesson in Cupcake Consumption (VIDEO)

Laurie March and I set out to create the ultimate kids table. The result is so awesome, it almost made me wish the kids didn't love it so much, so I could have a turn sitting there. Watch and share! More

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What is the True Meaning of ‘Vegetarian?’ And Does It Matter?

A listener is frustrated by people who call themselves vegetarians but still eat fish, and wants to know how to politely call such people out on it. Slate's L.V. Anderson says we shouldn't get so hung up on labels. More


Cucumber Shot Glasses, Liquor Bottles in Ice, and Other Ways to Make P. Diddy Jealous (VIDEO)

Take your shindig to the next level by classing up your cocktail service. And don't be afraid to make frozen drinks in the winter. Seasons are just a construct, man. More


Christmas: Beating Relatives to the Food, Mac and Cheese Pairings, Fruitcake, and More (AUDIO)

In Sporkful 147, Dan heads to Rockefeller Center to talk to people about Christmas dinner strategies and preferences. Plus a couple calls in for help settling a dispute over the correct way to drink water. More

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What Are the Most Divisive Dishes at Your Holiday Table?

Every year Eater Matt in Chicago creates a savory cucumber salad in the form of a Jell-o mold, and his family thumbs their noses at it. What holidays dishes cause controversy in your world, and how do you deal with it? More


Behold, the Veggieducken: A Vegetarian Answer to the Turducken (VIDEO)

I know vegetarians do just fine at Thanksgiving, but I still can't help feeling like they're missing out. Not because they can't eat meat, but because they don't have a huge, centerpiece dish to rival the turkey...until now. More


Hot Dogs, Fourth of July, and The Sporkful (Ep 130)

We celebrate July 4th by covering ideal hot dog type and cooking method, optimal length and girth, and the best way to put it in your mouth. More


How Not to Celebrate the New Year, with Madeleine Brand

We're back on with our pal Madeleine Brand, talking do's and don'ts for New Year's Eve/Day celebrations on her public radio show. Take a listen and enjoy the ride into 2012! More


Best of The Sporkful: Easter (Ep 103)

Last week we heard Mark's favorite 2011 episode. This week, Dan's favorite of the year, where we talk about the foods of Easter with Win Rosenfeld. Secrets are unmasked about... More