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This Southern Baptist Is A Matzah Expert

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Apr 06, 2020
This Southern Baptist Is A Matzah Expert

Matzah isn't just for Jews, and it isn't just for the Jewish holiday of Passover. Its strong crunch and mild flavor make it a simple, delicious cracker that's ideal for all toppings for people all year round.

This week, ahead of Passover, Dan travels to the Manischewitz factory in Newark, NJ, to nerd out on matzah with Randall Copeland, a Southern Baptist who runs one of the biggest matzah factories in the world. It turns out those little holes in the matzah cracker — and other crackers like Ritz and Saltines — serve a very important purpose. We find out what it is.

Then Dan debates kosher law with Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz, who's kinda like the chief justice of the kosher Supreme Court. When Dan makes a point about the definition of matzah, the rabbi's response begins, "Let me strengthen your case before I tell you why you're wrong."

Rabbi Horowitz reveals the recipe for matzah brei from the women who work in the Manischewitz test kitchen, and be sure to check out Dan's recipe for Passover Sangria — after all, Passover is one of the great drinking holidays. Happy Passover to all you eaters (and drinkers)!

Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

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- "Soul Good" by Lance Conrad

Photo courtesy of John Lodder/Flickr.

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