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Talking Craft Beer on Canadian Radio

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Jan 13, 2012


I had a great conversation about craft beer on the CBC radio program Q this week, triggered by their interest in the recent Slate piece I wrote about "beer sommeliers." At the end, host Jim Brown tries to draft me into something of a stop the hops campaign. Will I stand for malty sweetness or defend the bitter beauty of hops? Or is there a delicious third way? You'll have to listen. You can stream it here. My interview starts at 54:40, after the interview with director David Cronenberg (yup, that's a brag, guilty as charged).

Non-Canadian Sporkful Eaters may not know the show. If you like Studio 360, a favorite of mine, I predict you'll dig Q's broad mix of cultural conversation. It's streamable and podcastable, so check it out wherever you are in the world. And they've got an awesome staff. One of their producers talked up the craft beer scene in British Columbia and now I'm thirsty. /mark

Photo: Flickr CC / emdot

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