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Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski On Emotional Eating And Impostor Syndrome

While Queer Eye was a hit from the start, Antoni was criticized early on for his cooking credentials.

Ayesha Curry On The Importance Of Saying No

Growing up, she passed out rotis at her mother’s hair salon and studied Emeril and Rachael Ray on TV. Now, she’s built a food empire.

Canadian Sporkful Fans: Unite For Cascatelli!

Want to coordinate a bulk order to Canada?

Canadian Food Invasion!

Poutine is flooding across America's northern border! But what's so great about fries, gravy, and cheese curds? Two patriotic Canadians school us in their native food and culture.

A Very Canadian-American Thanksgiving

She may be a Canadian passport holder, but Sporkful writer Talia Ralph loves Thanksgiving just as much if not more than the average American.

Is It Soup? An Existential Debate

Dan takes a call from two Eaters who can't agree on whether a dish one makes qualifies as soup. Listen to each side, watch the video evidence, and cast your vote.