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The Great Office Coffee Election

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Jan 16, 2017

This week's episode of The Sporkful podcast is up! Listen through the player or iTunes/Podcasts app. (And please subscribe!)

A while back, an email went out to the entire staff of WNYC. It read:

We love coffee around here. And thankfully, we get it for FREE all day in the office. The time has come for us to change the coffee brand that we offer and we want your input!

Step 1: Go to this link to make your suggestions. The top 8 suggestions will be selected for an all-staff taste test.

Step 2: Attend the all-staff taste testing event.

Step 3: Vote for your favorite coffee.

Step 4: Wait anxiously for the new coffee to be revealed.

That email was sent by Myiesha Gordon in the HR department.


This week on The Sporkful we follow her quest to get better coffee at the office, a quest that culminates in a company wide taste test.

When Myiesha first started working at WNYC she hated the coffee. It soon became clear that she wasn’t alone. “Every person that I informally polled hated the coffee," she explains, "so it’s kind of been my personal mission to get new coffee.”

As we take you through every step of the coffee selection process, we'll find out why office coffee is so important to people. Plus we'll talk to a caffeine researcher about whether it makes us better at our jobs, and a behavioral economist about whether it's something companies should be spending money on.

Along the way we'll talk about the way people vote, the constraints those in power must deal with, and whether it's possible to please all the people all the time.

You know, all the issues you naturally think of when you think about office coffee!

Listen in to the full episode to find out which coffee is the big winner. “I really couldn’t sleep last night." Myiesha tells Dan, "I was tossing and turning anticipating this day. I hope everything turns out all right!”

Coffee Pot

This week's episode of The Sporkful podcast is up! Listen through the player or iTunes/Podcasts app. (And please subscribe!)

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Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

- "Summer Getaway" by Stephen Clinton Sullivan

- "Mars Casino" by Leisure Birds

- "Hot Night" by Calvin Dashielle

- "Stay For The Summer" by William Van De Crommert

- "Worldly Endeavors" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

Photos: Dan Pashman; Courtesy of Myiesha Gordon; Dan Pashman

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