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Can You Spot A Fake Chef?

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Sep 16, 2019

When the Sporkful decided to create its first game show, we knew it needed three things: comedy, deception, and surprise. And so, Sporkful listeners, we present to you: TWO CHEFS AND A LIE!

The rules are simple. We call three purported chefs. Dan asks them five — and only five — questions each. And together with Dan, we sift through fact and fiction. The task: decipher which of the three chefs is real and which is an utter fraud.

Is it the New Orleans sandwich maven who got her start catering to her weed dealer’s cravings? Or is it the dentist-turned-Indian-street-food impresario whose business is booming in Pennsylvania? No, it’s definitely the sugar-starved pastry chef who escaped a restrictive childhood diet and found refuge making the fattiest, sweetest confections this side of the Seine. Right? Right??

Listen and play this week's episode to find out. Can you spot a fake chef?  

Interstitial music in this show by Black Label Music:

- "On the Floor" by Black Label Productions

- "Together Again" by Ken Brahmstedt

- "False Alarm Instrumental" by Hayley Briasco

- "Talk to Me Now Instrumental" by Hayley Briasco and Ken Brahmstedt

Photo courtesy of Satish Krishnamurthy.

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