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CBD: New Food Frontier Or Marketing Gimmick?

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Apr 22, 2019
CBD: New Food Frontier Or Marketing Gimmick?

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This week on The Sporkful, Dan travels to Portland, Oregon -- where recreational pot is legal -- to explore cannabis-infused edibles.

But this is not our first weed rodeo. We did an episode on edibles in 2015.

Back then, recreational pot had just been legalized in Colorado. Dan had tried some of the infused candies they had there, but he was hearing all these stories about fancy restaurants infusing cannabis into all sorts of things, pairing different types of weed with different dishes, and he was curious.

We wanted to know: Is it possible to infuse cannabis into food in a way that makes for a heightened eating experience? Where the food makes the high better, and the high makes the food better?

Fast-forward to 2019, and Dan is still looking for that perfect weed experience, what he's dubbed "the Unicorn".

Developments in edibles hold a lot of promise. Business is booming in the world of CBD oil and cannabis-infused edibles. This week we ask, Is this a new culinary frontier? Or a far out marketing gimmick?

Laurie Wolf, aka the Martha Stewart of edibles, guides Dan through the industrial kitchen at her Portland, OR-based edibles business: Laurie and Mary Jane. Laurie also leads Dan through a series of tastings, including weed-infused crackers and mango-salsa (pictured).

laurie wolf

Then, Dan speaks with Professor Margaret Haney, a cannabis researcher at Columbia University, to try to separate science from hype.

Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

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- "New Old" by JT Bates

- "Horn In The City" by Kenneth J. Brahmstedt

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- "Private Detective" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

Photos: Courtesy of Dan Pashman and Laurie Wolf.

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