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Burrito Construction and Consumption (AUDIO)

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Jul 01, 2013
Burrito Construction and Consumption (AUDIO)

Rice or no rice?

Is a burrito better when its ingredients are mixed up before being rolled in the tortilla?

What's the best way to eat the end cap?

And if any flour tortilla shape were possible, what would be the ideal for a burrito?

In Sporkful Podcast 161 Dan covers these questions and more with Matthew Yglesias, who writes Slate's excellent Moneybox blog.

Matt has compared the Chipotle burrito to the iPhone, a statement that infuriated both Mac lovers and Bay Area burrito lovers, who happen to be the same people.

Listen to the show to hear the point Matt was trying to make, and what happened when some Wired writers invited him to a Bay Area Burrito Summit.

Plus last show's guest, Weird Al Yankovic, chimes in with a great tip for home burrito-making.

Also, Dan plays a clip from a new Slate video in which he talks to Subway's executive chef, a man who can change millions of sandwiches around the world with a single directive.

Links and Such

Matt Yglesias on Twitter

Dan gains sandwich wisdom and imparts some of his own when he talks to Subway's executive chef in this video

Our extremely underappreciated Tumblr: Burritos + Sailboats

The Sporkful with guest Weird Al Yankovic

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Photo: Flickr CC / Ross Bruniges

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