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Should You Tip For Takeout?

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Apr 29, 2019
Should You Tip For Takeout?

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When you call in a takeout order to a restaurant, or place and order there to go, should you tip the person who gives it to you? Are pizza cutters an appliance that anyone needs? And what should you do if your dinner guests arrive wayyyy to early?

This week, Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg of the podcast By The Book join Dan to answer listener questions about these pressing issues and more. On their podcast, Jolenta and Kristen spend two weeks living by the advice in a self help book, then report back. So they know a thing or two about giving, and getting, advice.

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Dan, Kristen, and Jolenta (who you might remember as multi-millionaire Jolenta Green on our April Fools episode) help Daniel and Chen in Tel Aviv resolve their longstanding dispute about cooking chicken in the house. It all comes down to the smell of raw chicken boiling in water.

Then, the co-hosts gets a call from Laura in Media, Pennsylvania. They try to resolve a generational dispute between Laura and her mother Joyce: do you tip on takeout, especially when it's grab-and-go and no one is waiting on you? The conversation takes an unexpected turn into the history of tipping in the U.S. (which finds its roots in the period after slavery) and the new trend in restaurants trying to get customers to share the cost of paying employees a fair wage.

Plus, Kate and A.J. in New York City, call in to ask about whether the pizza roller is a useless waste of space. Kristen explains why a chef's knife is the way to  go... in three minutes or less.

Listen in to the show for answers to these burning food questions and more.

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Photos courtesy of By the Book

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