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Signed Limited Edition Posters Now Available!

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Nov 30, 2015

Want a beautiful, signed, limited edition poster featuring this illustration of me in a hot dog costume and John Hodgman in a sandwich costume from our recent live show where we debated whether hot dogs are sandwiches? That dream could be your reality. Here's the deal...

If you’ll let me brag just a bit, I’m really proud of the shows we’ve made this year. We had conversations with comics and entertainers like Jim Gaffigan and Sammy Hagar, and I think we learned a lot about them as people by talking to them about food. We broke the Ramadan fast with Muslim cab drivers in the back of a taxi. We did a parody of the podcast Serial, where we investigated the true story of a series of office fridge food thefts.

With all due respect to my many talented friends in the food world, I really don’t think there’s anything else out there like The Sporkful.

And you make it possible. The single biggest share of our funding comes from YOU. So please give now.

When you give just $30, you can get a beautiful limited edition poster designed for the big hot dog sandwich debate, featuring this illustration by artist Alex Eben Meyer.

Or pledge $120 dollars (just $10/month) and we’ll thank you with the poster autographed by John Hodgman, Brooke Gladstone and me. Here's what the poster looks like:


Very limited edition, get it now while supplies last! And with the autographed poster we’ll throw in a WNYC pot holder, so each time you take something hot out of the oven you’ll be reminded of our special time together.

Again, our largest source of funding is you. If you want The Sporkful to be around for years to come, please vote with your wallet today. Go to our donation page, or text SPORKFUL to 698-66.

And thank you for your support, I really appreciate it.

Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer

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