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Elle Simone Scott tells us about the weirdest thing she’s done to make food look good on camera. Plus, we discuss why representation matters in food photography, and her ongoing battle with cancer.

Celery was the hottest food trend in early 1900s America. Why did it fall from grace? And can it ever make a comeback?

The MSNBC host nerds out on cocktails, debates lime wheels vs. wedges, and speculates about what the bartenders in heaven are like.

Live on stage! A world-renowned mixologist and the former bartender at a beloved Chicago dive bar tell us how their work is a little like showbiz and a little like babysitting.

Live on stage! The host of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me tells us how getting divorced and struggling with depression changed his eating, and why he never mixes running with drinking.

When I hunker down for a Thanksgiving day in the kitchen, the first thing I like to do is pour myself a drink.