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Hacking McDonald’s Broken Ice Cream Machines

They tried to fix McDonald’s ice cream machines. But the chain wasn’t on board.

Free Ice Cream For Science!

Gastrophysicist Charles Spence — and a neighborhood science experiment — reveal how the color of your plate affects how food tastes.

How Ketchup Got Its Name

We explore the surprising origins of the names of two foods — ketchup and rocky road — with help from the podcast Science Diction, which tells the science stories behind everyday words.

Comic Maria Bamford Risked Her Life For Ice Cream

The native Minnesotan explains why a little internal bleeding can't keep her from a treat, and why the way she eats salad is like the way she deals with depression.

Ask Mimi: Relax And Keep Eating

Mimi Sheraton discusses the etiquette of free food samples and offers NPR host Ophira Eisenberg advice for dealing with her picky eater husband. Plus, Mimi's final words of wisdom for living and eating well.

How To Be A Good Ice Cream Citizen

A married couple calls in for advice about the ethics of free ice cream samples, and Cooks Illustrated's Dan Souza reveals the artisanal ice cream industry's biggest secret.