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Stanley Tucci Always Has A Martini Kit On Set

The actor dishes on building an unlikely career around food, and reveals his battle with cancer.

For “Top Chef’s” Joe Flamm, Spaghetti Is The Beatles Of Pasta

Like Dan, Joe has strong opinions about pasta, but he takes sauce just as seriously.

Spicy Doritos And How Foods Become American

Why are foods from European countries accepted as American faster than foods from other parts of the world?

Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Cases Hollywood Parties For Free Food

As a struggling young actor, Ty Burrell pretended to be a guest at hotels to get the free breakfast buffet. Now he fights the urge to pocket food at the Emmys.

Ravioli Free Association With Mo Rocca

The humorist gets deep on ravioli – from Chef Boyardee to his grandma's recipe to "the Kenny G of ravioli." Plus Mo and Dan debate Latin grammar, and Mo tells us about a meal that almost killed him.

Mo Rocca Likes Big Ravioli, And He Cannot Lie

The humorist and Cooking Channel host joins Dan to talk about his grandma, debate whether square or round ravioli is better, and tell us which variety is the Kenny G of ravioli.