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We explore the surprising origins of the names of two foods — ketchup and rocky road — with help from the podcast Science Diction, which tells the science stories behind everyday words.

Stuck with bad hot dog buns? Plagued by overcondimentation? There's a better way. Watch the latest installment of You're Eating It Wrong.

This video is pretty priceless. You should watch it right now.

We look at basic hot dog augmentations, plus more complex options like those of Chicago, Tucson and Iceland. Advanced chili dog assembly is also discussed.

In this week's episode we consider the breading, dipping and bite technique of onion rings. Naturally, sculptor Isamu Noguchiis part of the conversation. Photo: Flickr CC / katerha

Carey in Florida says that her kids were well prepared for the new Heinz ketchup packets, thanks to a Sporkful video on the subject.