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Beating Bad Buns and Overcoming Overcondimentation

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Jul 23, 2014

As we celebrate National Hot Dog Day, it's time to look at some of the common barriers to hot dog enjoyment, and cover the solutions.

Bad buns are a dry and crumbly scourge on our great land. Even some of the fresh baked varieties are problematic, because they're so thick that they throw off the proper dog-to-bun ratio.

When you do get the bun right, you still have to worry about condiments. Spread them carelessly and there is no going back. That's why I recommend dipping your dog on a per-bite basis. This allows you to regulate ratios and try different condiments (or no condiment) on different bites.

If you're stuck with bad buns, don't lose hope. I've developed a variety of techniques to help. Watch the latest installment of my Cooking Channel web series You're Eating It Wrong for more.

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