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mac and cheese

In part two of our special series Ask Mimi, legendary food critic Mimi Sheraton discusses being a working mother, eating alone, and mac and cheese. Plus Brendan Francis Newnam argues against brunch.

The Two Man Gentlemen Band performs "Pork Chops" and "Fancy Beer" and shares tips for eating while driving a tour van. Plus the host of Food Is The New Rock on the intersection of food and music.

This heavenly mac and cheese recipe from Jack the Horse Tavern is engineered to bring harmony to both mac and cheese camps: stovetop loyalists and oven-baking diehards. You're welcome.

Dan sits down with the man behind "Eat It," "Fat," "My Balogna," "I Love Rocky Road," and so many other classic food-related parody songs. This is a special one, Eaters.

We love pretzel buns, and the pretzel is the ideal mortar in any snack mix. But pretzels have other powers, including the ability to encrust other foods. Watch this video and you'll be encrusting your crusts.

My friend Laurie challenged me to make five appetizers from a one-pound block of cheddar cheese in the latest installment of Good to Know. Spoiler alert: Mac and Cheese Pops. Watch!