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Cara Nicoletti comes from a long line of butchers, but her grandfather didn’t want her to follow in his footsteps. So she spent ten years developing a sausage that he would never have imagined.

When a cookbook is called “A giant ‘F you’ to every other cookbook,” you pay attention.

Amy Pearl loved meat -- until a steak almost killed her. We hear her riveting (and hilarious) story, and explore how allergies change your relationship with food and people.

I went to the Second Avenue Deli with Sporkful friends Luke Burbank (from the podcast TBTL and Ross and Burbank on KIRO), Mike Pesca(NPR sports correspondent and co-host of the Slate podcast Hang Up and Listen), and Win Rosenfeld (Current TV contributor and The Sporkful's beloved wacky neighbor). Together we debated how much beer to drink while eating pastrami as well as the most important characteristic of pastrami, and

In our network TV debut, we take over the fryolator at Chip Shop in Brooklyn for a segment on ABC's The Chew, for a segment called "Deep Fry or Goodbye." It didn't break the fryolator, but it will break your brain.

On the occasion of our 100th episode, we welcome the great public radio host and podcasting impresario Jesse Thorn, of The Sound of Young America and We talk with Jesse about the differences between Northern and Southern California burritos, burrito construction techniques, and the problem with vegetables. And Jesse tells us about facing down a judgmental butcher during a quest