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Mike Pesca, Luke Burbank, Win Rosenfeld and Dan Pashman walk into a deli. A show on hot pastrami ensues. (Ep 123)

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May 15, 2012
I went to the Second Avenue Deli with Sporkful friends Luke Burbank (from the podcast TBTL and Ross and Burbank on KIRO), Mike Pesca(NPR sports correspondent and co-host of the Slate podcast Hang Up and Listen), and Win Rosenfeld (Current TV contributor and The Sporkful's beloved wacky neighbor). Together we debated how much beer to drink while eating pastrami as well as the most important characteristic of pastrami, and got valuable advice from a server named Lynn who's been at the deli for 20 years. Next week we'll have Part 2 from the deli, in which Luke Burbank eats chopped liver for the first time. Warning: Listening to this episode may make you crave pastrami.


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Watch video of our hijinx, including Luke's first encounter with chopped liver, here.

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