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Live: You’ll Never Find Vegan Dishes At My Restaurant

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Dec 02, 2019

When chef Angie Mar threw a party recently to celebrate the release of her new book, there was fried chicken, a carving station of dry-aged prime rib and people were drinking from mini champagne bottles with straws. She said her favorite part was “watching my guests scoop obscene amounts of caviar on their French fries and gnaw on rib bones, butter dripping down their arms on to their tuxedos.” This image encapsulates the whole feeling of eating at Angie Mar’s restaurant, The Beatrice Inn. The roast duck flambé is lit on fire directly at your table. And the $950 tomahawk rib eye steak for four looks like a caveman’s club.

In this week's show, taped live on stage in New York, we hear the story of how, and why, Angie pursues her singular vision of carnal pleasure, and why Bon Appetit described her book as "a giant 'F you' to every other cookbook".

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