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Should You Put Ice In Your Milk?

Should you eat at chain restaurants on vacation? Is soup bar food? Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings of the podcast For Colored Nerds join us to resolve your disputes.

A Brief History Of Cereal And Milk

We explore the history of an iconic American food couple -- cereal and milk -- with help from NYT food correspondent Kim Severson and author Mark Kurlansky.

Why Cows Wear Fitbits

In this special bonus episode, Dan talks to a dairy farmer about why cows wear fit bits and the best way to drink a glass of milk.

Dueling Quesos and the Science of Cheese on Slate’s Table to Farm (AUDIO)

Dan and Laura learn about the science of how cheese is made, get a great tip on how to tell if a cheese will melt, and cook two quesos--one all natural, the other as processed as can be.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Ep 91)

Dan and Mark explore ideal chocolate chip cookie size, grip, chip structure, dunking and even grilling cookies. Dan tells the story of a long-running cookie mystery that ends in about eight visits to a bakery in two days, delicious chocolate chip cookies, and a stomach ache. Photo: Flickr CC / jarrodlombardo

The Sporkful

So I'm in Germany on a journalism fellowship that's unrelated to food. But you know I'm going to do some culinary journalism while I'm here. Today, I even managed to find an ice cream story while on the science and technology beat. And it just so happens that my reporting duty included trying the ice cream.