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How Dr. Jessica B. Harris Redefined American Food

The work of Dr. Jessica B. Harris has redefined the mainstream history of American food. Now a Netflix adaptation of her book has brought her scholarship to a whole new audience.

The Enslaved Man Who Taught Jack Daniel To Make Whiskey

One woman's quest to share the story of Nathan "Nearest" Green.

Plantation Rum Is Changing Its Name. Is That Enough?

The word “plantation” has been used in food branding to conjure images of a romanticized American South. Now brands are removing this word. We follow up on our 2019 episode on this topic to discuss.

2 | When Black Chefs Created Plantation Food

We tour the kitchens of one of America's most famous plantations, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, with three descendants of enslaved Virginians.

A Brief History Of American Barbecue

We follow barbecue from West Africa to the American South to the south side of Chicago, with help from culinary historian Michael Twitty and a pitmaster in Chicago.