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The Science and Religion of Matzoh (AUDIO)

Dan talks to a Southern Baptist matzoh expert about the science of matzoh and a rabbi about the religion of it. If you like crackers, this episode is for you! More


Matzoh Brei Recipe from the Manischewitz Factory

When I traveled to the Manischewitz factory in New Jersey, they told me how the women in their test kitchen make matzoh brei. More


BREAKING: Ultra Crispy Potatoes With Runny Eggs Are Delicious

I've been carrying a jar of duck fat around for about the past year, and I finally put it to use.  More


Broccoli Sub, Broccoli Tacos, and More with Chef Tyler Kord of No. 7 (AUDIO)

Think broccoli is boring? Tyler Kord makes a broccoli sub, double-decker broccoli tacos, and fried broccoli, and they're all amazing. He and Dan discuss the magic of broccoli, a thing called The Brocco-Leg, and more. More


Marc Maron Talks Hamentaschen in a Classic Sporkful Moment

I brought Maron a couple of hamentaschen, one of which my wife had made (and deemed a bad batch) and one of which I didn't cook. Listen to his priceless reaction. More


Fish and Chips and a Magical Pan of Lard (AUDIO)

Is it better to have one big piece of fish or several smaller ones? What's the ideal batter-to-fish ratio? And is even the fish better when eaten with your hands? Slate's June Thomas joins Dan to answer these and other vital questions. More

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Improving Falafel with the Waffle Falafel Sandwich (VIDEO)

Falafel sandwiches are great in theory but problematic in practice. They have too many bites without falafel, and a pita is a poor sandwich base. Chef Einat Admony of Taim Falafel and I find a better way. More