We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Apr, 2010


The Sporkful’s May Slate Residency

We're pleased to announce that every Monday in May, The Sporkful will be a podcast-in-residence on the Slate Magazine Daily Podcast feed, home to such awesome shows as the Political... More


Gummy Bear Surgery

Assemble your tools, then perform limb transplants, heart and head transplants, and more. It's not brain surgery. Or is it? See the full gallery on Posterous via Buzzfeed and Instructables


Dan and Mark’s PB Throwdown on The Takeaway

Here's video of our appearance on The Takeaway, where we created competing peanut butter sandwiches that included orange liqueur and espresso More


The Sporkful’s Latest Radio Adventure

If you missed our peanut butter sandwich showdown on The Takeaway, not to worry. The full segment and our recipes are now online. While you're there, feel free to leave... More


Your Thoughts: Burger Toppings, Yogurt, S’mores

We're researching for future shows and need your wise input. Upcoming topics include burger toppings, yogurt and s'mores. Keep nothing delicious to yourself - fellow Sporkful fans are counting on you to enlighten them and us. More


The Sporkful Invades The Takeaway

We'll be on the public radio morning show The Takeaway Wednesday talking about reinventing the PB&J. As you know, it's something we've given some thought to. We're both perfecting secret recipes... More


The View from Your Laptop

Wilton, IA, 6:52 pm. From Valerie: Mac and cheese and hot dogs with SpongeBob fruit snacks. Random, I know, but delicious. We've always got room for your laptop meals. Share... More

WATCH: Grilled Egg and Cheese, The Sporkful Way



Shalom, Can I Take Your Order?

When I traveled to Israel recently, I decided to conduct a taste test between the burgers at an Israeli McDonald's and those at Burger Ranch, the main Israeli fast food... More


Ep. 16: Egg Sandwiches Pt. 2

The egg throwdown continues, as the conversation moves to bacon, ham, Taylor ham, the omelet sandwich, and more. Plus, watch the blog this week for an egg and cheese instructional... More