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Mar, 2011


Cassie Still Pulls for Butler in Final Four

We're putting together two audio episodes and a video on Girl Scout Cookies. As we mentioned, we got our large batch of cookies from Cassie, daughter of our fellow NPR... More


Call In Smorgasbord #6: Eatability, Vegetarianism, and Cookie Innovation (Ep 64)

In this week's call in smorgasbord, a listener in Oregon rants about restaurants that pick style over eatability, an Illinois eater stands up for vegetarians, and an Ohio man shares... More


Pat’s Wacky (Stalker) Cookie Recipe

In this week's show, listener Pat in Ohio regales us with a tale of unrequited love, cookies, and ultimate redemption. Make these cookies for someone you covet, and if your... More


The First Sporkful Meetup Is Set!

We're pleased to announce that the first official Sporkful Meetup will take place on Wednesday, April 13, from 6-8 pm at Drop Off Service in New York City! This is... More


It’s Edible, but is it Eatable?

On this week's show we take a call from Wayne, who also emailed us some photos to illustrate the reason for his call. He writes: Listen- there is a problem... More


Wrench in the Water Works

Dan and I exchange dozens of e-mails a week about Sporkful. I use gmail and love the confusion our often bizarre e-mail conversations evoke in Google's servers while they attempt... More


Mysteries of Dan’s Tongue (Outtake)

Listen on Posterous Dan says he's no fan of sparkling water in our newest episode. I think he's missing out on the joys of seltzer, club soda and all water... More


Girl Scout Cookie Research Begins

This is what we're working on next. We just got our order of eight boxes of assorted Girl Scout Cookies. (I also got two extra boxes of Thin Mints for... More


Hawaii Deliciousness Explored

I had the great fortune of a long, booze-soaked dinner with some Hawaii-based food writers the other day. As we discussed earlier, I was lucky enough to get a work... More


Water (Ep 63)

Over a year ago we did a show on ice cubes. Well that episode has finally melted, which allows us to bring you a show on water. We discuss sparkling... More