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Aug, 2011


S’mores Made With Solar Oven

Friend-of-The-Sporkful Tricia McKinney, who joined us with her daughter for one of our Girl Scout Cookies shows, sends this pic along. She constructed a solar oven out of tin foil... More


Irish Nachos Enter the Scene

We've recent explored Persian Tacos, so Irish Nachos seems like a logical next step. Greg, an Eater from Michigan, loads toppings atop a base of tortilla chips and jalapeno-flavored kettle-cooked... More


Robert Krulwich On Sandwich Science (Ep 86)

NPR science correspondent and Radiolab co-host Robert Krulwich joins us for this landmark meeting of the minds. We cover scientific principles including force = mass x acceleration (as in "How... More


Eaters Make New Coffee Ice Cube Discoveries

We're strong supporters of using coffee ice cubes in iced coffee for maximum awesomeness without shameful dilution, despite what Marc Maron may say. Our inbox overflows with reader feedback on... More


Smoked Fish: The View from Your Laptop

Cameron enjoys some open-faced smoked kahawai sandwiches. Unfortunately, I didn't get to have this when I was in New Zealand with my wife, but only because there was so much... More


The Butter Bell — Does It Work?

Eater Randy in New Orleans heard our episode on Butter Enhancement and Delivery and wrote to recommend the Butter Bell. Supposedly it allows you to keep butter outside the fridge,... More


Joys of German Bread Engineering

On one of my first visits to Germany, I stayed with friends who asked if I wanted bread, just a little afternoon snack. I never turn down food, so naturally... More


Sporkful Berlin Meetup: 10. September (Saturday)

Hallo Eaters! Now that I'm in Germany for a few weeks and Sporkful is fully Transatlantic, we're having our first European meetup in Berlin on Saturday, September 10th. After great... More


German science makes ice cream from plants; Sporkful investigates

So I'm in Germany on a journalism fellowship that's unrelated to food. But you know I'm going to do some culinary journalism while I'm here. Today, I even managed to... More


German Food Abounds On Mark’s Germany Road Trip (Ep 85)

Mark is in Germany for two months, so this week we present the first of two transatlantic Sporkfuls, in which Mark reports on techniques that Germans are testing in their... More