We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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Nov, 2011


Lessons from the Sporkful Mailbag (Ep 99)

Dan and Mark reach into the Sporkful inbox (hit us upanytime - we read 'em all) to respond to Eater e-mail, including an attempt to convert a Sporkful hater into... More


An All-Vegetarian Thanksgiving with Madeleine Brand

We're back on Madeleine Brand's public radio show in LA, this time talking vegetarian Thanksgiving options. It's something we also explored in a recent episode focused on lessons Indian cuisine... More


Rachel Maddow on Cocktail Philosophy (Ep 98)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow joins us for a discussion on cocktail issues large and small, including the ideal shape for citrus garnishes, the best way to use them in your drink, and whether eating them is okay. More


View From Your Laptop: Leftover Asian Fusion Masterpiece in Delaware

Matt in Wilmington, Delaware, shares this: Hey Guys, Great shows lately, especially with the online German food coverage. I just wanted to share my personal view from my laptop image...I... More


An All Indian-American Vegetarian Thanksgiving (Ep 97)

This is a big one, folks, our Second Annual Thanksgiving Show! Because Thanksgiving is such a food-centric holiday, we've pledged to do a Thanksgiving show every year, each time with... More


The Sporkful Responds to Deadspin’s Drew Magary’s Call for the Abolition of Tomatoes in Sandwiches

A recent Drew Magary post on Deadspin calls for the abolition of tomatoes in sandwiches, saying, "The deli meat should really be the hero of this dish, and the tomato,... More


Omelets (or Omelettes), Pt. 2 (Ep 96)

Following up on last week's omelet show, we tackle the ingredients of omelets (or omelettes if you prefer). How many should you use? What are the best choices and combos?... More


Omelets (or Omelettes), Pt. 1 (Ep 95)

However you want to spell it, this week we're talking omelets in the first of a two-part series. You'll hear Mark and Dan's secret omelet past and strong opinions against... More