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Dishwasher Cooking: Gimmick or Goodness? (AUDIO & VIDEO)

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Aug 13, 2013

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Dishwasher salmon has been out there for a while, but this week on Sporkful podcast 164, I set out to take dishwasher cooking to a whole other level, by making everything from lobster to Korean beef to poached pears.

I get help from Lisa Casali, who wrote an entire book on the subject (in Italian), and Liza "Skeeter" de Guia of Food Curated, who comes over to my house to help me experiment. In the end I decide whether this is just a gimmick, or a great way to cook.

Here's the video of Skeeter and me going a little crazy with my dishwasher, and you can see some pics of the lobster tail process here.

Links and Such

Check out Skeeter's work at and Lisa Casali's blog Ecocucina.

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