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Sporkful on NPR: How to Eat Well (Or At Least Not So Poorly) in a War Zone

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Dec 24, 2012

In a sneak preview of next week's episode of The Sporkful, I joined NPR's Rachel Martin on Weekend Edition Sunday yesterday to talk about eating in a war zone. I spoke with Sporkful listeners who have served in combat, as well as other vets, about how to make MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) more palatable, how to barter for better food, and the power of a good meal when you're in a very tough situation. I shared some of what I learned on NPR, but there will be much more on the podcast next week, plus photos and details from my own experiments with MREs here on the blog.

Listen to the segment on NPR here, and make sure to check out the podcast and blog in coming days for more on this topic!

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