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Sporkful Inspiration Is A Two-Way Street

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Jun 07, 2011

We received the above photo from Michael, an Eater in Maryland, who saw the videowhere we made "Cheese-Armored Grilled Cheese," which consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich encased in crispy burnt cheese. He writes, "You were right, the flip was perilous, my grease stained shorts are in the wash." But clearly, the end product was a success.


Now as you know, here at The Sporkful, culinary inspiration is a two-way street. We inspire you, and you inspire us. That quest to maximize the amount of burnt cheese in a grilled cheese was inspired by Corynn, an Eater in Washington State. And indeed, our next GastroLab video will also be inspired by a food innovation from one of you.


Eater Greg in Michigan writes of an ice cream cone creation that he and his brother invented many years ago:

It's an ice cream sandwich cone. Very simple – cut up an average ice cream sandwich and stuff it into a cone (sugar or regular) – a waffle cone might be the ultimate. Years ago, waffle cones existed at ice cream shops but I don't think they were readily available at your local grocery store. An ice cream sandwich waffle cone with Magic Shell topping might just be the most amazing frozen treat imaginable. Or, maybe not.

Well soon, there will be no need to wonder, because we're going to make one, and then create two more (even more absurd) ice cream cone-based dishes. Stay tuned! /dan

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