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Can Jelly Donuts Be Fixed?

We take your calls and debate the best way to eat jelly donuts and corn muffins. Plus, Matt in Ohio has an issue with pancakes that turns out to run much deeper.

The Ethics of Supermarket Lines

Two friends disagree about whether it's OK to keep shopping after getting in the check-out line, and cookbook author Nicole Taylor tells us about some unsolicited advice she received about working in food.

Live: Hari Dreams Of Donuts

When comedian Hari Kondabolu isn't delivering incisive jokes about politics and identity, he's dreaming of being locked inside a magical bakery. Plus, Hari tells us why you shouldn't ask him about Indian food.

Searching For The Donut King Pt. 2

After months of searching, we finally meet "the Donut King" and learn what happened to him. He's returned to the Cambodian community seeking redemption. But will he find it?

Searching For The Donut King Pt. 1

After escaping Cambodia's "Killing Fields," Ted Ngoy built a donut empire in California. Then he lost it all, and disappeared. This week we're searching for the Donut King -- and his legacy.

Sporkful Live at Taste of Chicago Guest Lineup Announced!

We're taping an episode of The Sporkful podcast live on stage at the Taste of Chicago on Saturday, July 11 at 1:30 pm. The show is free and open to the public. See you there!