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What are the craziest things parents do to get their picky eating kids to eat? The author of "Weird Parenting Wins" shares some stories. Plus, kids call in.

Why do picky eaters face so much judgment? Is picky eating even actually a problem? We talk to two twins who grew up in a family of proud picky eaters and an expert to find out.

Dan's wife Janie and their kids Becky and Emily join the show to solve listeners' food-related relationship issues and dilemmas.

The influential chef talks about the personality differences between bakers and cooks, why he never orders restaurant specials, and what happens when a perfectionist cooks with his kids.

Food is one way children adopted from other countries can connect with their heritage. But what happens when those kids grow up and decide they want more?

The food-obsessed comic discusses eating with his five children, navigating birthday parties and buffets, his dad's steaks, and when it's OK to lie to your kids.