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What’s the real difference between cheap and luxury vodka? We make our own, and send it to a lab, to find out.

Can tweaking one table turn around a restaurant's prospects?

Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive vodkas? We go on a mission to learn how super premium vodka is made and marketed. Then we make our own, to see how it measures up.

We follow a young truffle dealer as he hustles his way across New York City, then try to figure out why people pay so much for this funky fungus.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? What about a burrito? This timeless debate turned especially heated when John Hodgman called in to WNYC to argue with me about it.

Robert Smith from NPR's Planet Money discusses "The Golden Mean of Fried Foods," travels with Dan to Queens for Korean fried chicken, and teaches him the art of eating on mic without grossing people out.