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Top Burger Trends of 2013 Include Pork, Pretzel Buns, and More

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Apr 17, 2013

The folks at Sutter Home are doing their annual Build a Better Burger Contest, which creative Eaters everywhere are encouraged to enter.

As entries pour in, they're indexing recipes and have used that information to list the top burger trends of 2013. They are:

- Chips and Fries… Not on the Side; Between the Bun

- Sunny Side Up? – More Fried Eggs Atop Burger Patties

- You Can’t Have Enough Bacon… or Pork

- Arugula More Popular Than Lettuce

- Korean Flavorings

- Food Truck-Inspired Burgers

- Brioche and Pretzel Buns Outweigh Sesame Seed Buns

Many of these are encouraging trends, although I maintain my opinion that bacon is overrated and overused in general. (It does make for a great burger topping at times, but the idea that we need more bacon seems absurd.) Pork, on the other hand, is more intriguing, despite my concern that it may get overpowered by the burger.

I have a similar hesitation about sunny side up eggs. I know it's been out there for a while, especially in Australia, and it has its place, but I think it works best with a thinner burger, where that delicate yolk flavor really comes to the fore.

And of course I have long advocated increased use of the pretzel bun, so I am pleased to see it make the list.

What are your burger innovations?

Photo: Flickr CC / raneko

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