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Searching For The Donut King Pt. 2

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Apr 30, 2018
Searching For The Donut King Pt. 2

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(Editor's note: This is Part Two of our quest to find the man who built a donut empire in California's Cambodian-American community. We recommend starting with Part One.)

After escaping Cambodia's "Killing Fields," Ted Ngoy built a donut empire in California, helping scores of Cambodian refugees in the process. Then he lost it all, and disappeared.

Last week we started our search for the "Donut King." When we left off, we had just found out that Ted was coming back to visit the US for the first time in years. He’d be attending the annual Cambodian cultural festival in Long Beach, just south of LA, where a lot of the Cambodian community is centered.

This week on The Sporkful, we finally meet Ted and hear the story of how he won and lost his donut fortune -- directly from him.

Ted has returned to the Cambodian community seeking redemption. But will he find it? As you'll hear, this story is about much more than donuts.

Check out some photos from the episode (below)!

Ted greets people at the Cambodia Town festival:


Ted offers advice to Dary and Sreyrot Chan at their donut shop Sweet Retreat in Long Beach:


Listen in to the conclusion of our two-part quest to find the "Donut King."

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Interstitial music in this episode from Black Label Music:

- "Narwhal" by Casey Hjelmberg

- "Small Talk" by Haley Briasco

- "Minimaliminal" by Jack Ventimiglia

- "Hot Night" by Mark Mallman

- "Homefront" by Jack Ventimiglia

- "Enigmatic Rhodes" by Stephen Clinton Sullivan

- "Worldly Endeavors" by Cullen Fitzpatrick

Photos: Dan Pashman and courtesy of Ted Ngoy

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