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War Zone Eating: MRE Improvement, Bartering, and Veterans’ Best Combat Meals Ever (AUDIO)

Posted on Dec 31, 2012

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Sometimes people in the most difficult circumstances are the ones who find the most creative ways to eat well. In this episode Dan speaks with military veterans, as well as NPR reporter Quil Lawrence, about ways to make military MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) more palatable, mess hall strategy, and the importance of bartering for better food in a combat area. Plus Dan eats three MREs and experiments with them, then asks Quil Lawrence to taste the results. Finally, the vets share some great stories about their best war zone meals, which serve as a reminder of the power of the right meal in the right moment.

Check out the photos of Dan's MRE experience, along with minute-by-minute notes on his reactions to each dish.

Thank you to the veterans who took part in this show, and thank you to all servicemembers and veterans for your service!

Please note this episode contains one use of profanity, which has been bleeped out. Subscribe to The Sporkful podcast in iTunes here.

Photo: Flickr CC / U.S. Army

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