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How To Make Salted Coconut Cracker Pudding With Saltines

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Nov 17, 2016

In a parallel universe, Brooke Gladstone and I host a cooking show together.

I go over to her house and she makes something for me or I make something for her. Often, things go wrong. When they don't, it feels more like the exception to the rule. But one thing that's consistent is that we have a blast together. And despite the splatter on the walls, the food's usually delicious.

In this video, Brooke shows me how to make her patented Thanksgiving dessert, a Mennonite dish with coconut and Saltines in it called cracker pudding. It's a rich, creamy, salted coconut concoction that made me want to curl up on the couch in my pajamas and watch Steel Magnolias. In the end, with the browned egg whites on top, it looked like this:


Here's the recipe Brooke uses.

Brooke's also part of our recent Sporkful podcasts, Why A Turkey Is Like A Tube Of Toothpaste and When Bagels Aren't Boiled, Tempers Boil Over.

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