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Patti LaBelle Says She Cooks Better Than She Sings

The music icon knows you can do better than pumpkin pie.

Pati Jinich Can Read Your Fridge Like A Tarot Card

The TV host and cookbook writer has documented the food cultures in Mexico for years. In her new docu-series about the border, she gets political, and personal.

Two Books For The Food Science Nerd In Your Life

Harold McGee takes a “Nose Dive” into the science of smells and Nik Sharma works out his “Flavor Equation” in this week’s extremely nerdy episode.

Dorie Dreams Of Cookies

Dorie Greenspan is revered among home bakers for her foolproof recipes. So what's she doing that makes her recipes better than others? We travel to her home and watch her test a recipe to find out.

The Art — And Joy — Of Recipe Writing

If a dish doesn't turn out the way you'd hoped, is it your fault or the recipe's fault?

Jamie Oliver Says Sunday Lunch Saved Him

Cooking was the first thing Jamie Oliver was good at. Dozens of cookbooks, TV shows, and restaurants later, he tells his story.