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German science makes ice cream from plants; Sporkful investigates

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Aug 24, 2011

So I'm in Germany on a journalism fellowship that's unrelated to food. But you know I'm going to do some culinary journalism while I'm here. Today, I even managed to find an ice cream story while on the science and technology beat. And it just so happens that my reporting duty included trying the ice cream. Tough assignment!

I went to a German research lab outside Munich to report on a new plant-based ice cream. I've had tofu ice cream and think it can be a viable frozen dessert, but the texture and mouthfeel is nothing like dairy ice cream. It's absolutely not a substitute for dairy ice cream.

But the German scientists say they've made a dairy-free ice cream that stands up to milk. I approached this story with great skepticism, but also an open mind, and eventually, an open mouth. Here's what I found. There's a text and radio version. I recommend scrolling down to listen to the audio report first, or hearing it here.

(Btw, note that my editor on this story also happens to be the King of Persian Tacos. /mark)

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