We discuss, debate and obsess over ridiculous food minutiae, in search of new and better ways to eat.

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The Science and Religion of Matzoh (AUDIO)

Dan talks to a Southern Baptist matzoh expert about the science of matzoh and a rabbi about the religion of it. If you like crackers, this episode is for you! More


Broccoli Sub, Broccoli Tacos, and More with Chef Tyler Kord of No. 7 (AUDIO)

Think broccoli is boring? Tyler Kord makes a broccoli sub, double-decker broccoli tacos, and fried broccoli, and they're all amazing. He and Dan discuss the magic of broccoli, a thing called The Brocco-Leg, and more. More

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Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’s Peter Sagal: The Sporkful Interview (AUDIO)

Peter Sagal joins Dan to discuss growing up as a fat kid, his opinions on Chicago pizza, grilling the perfect burger, how Courtney Love turned him against melted cheese, and much more. More


Restaurant Eating with ‘Professional Glutton’ Adam Platt (AUDIO)

Ahead of Valentine's Day, NY Magazine Restaurant Critic Adam Platt joins Dan to talk about the best time to eat out, where to sit, ordering strategy, and the crucial issues of scented hand soaps and the napkin collar tuck. More


The Great Chicken Wing Hunt and Perfection in Food and Life (AUDIO + VIDEO)

Dan talks with Matt Reynolds, director and star of the new documentary comedy The Great Chicken Wing Hunt, in which Matt sets out to find the perfect Buffalo wing. More

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Frozen Pizza with the Frozen Food Master (AUDIO)

Dan talks to Greg Ng, the man behind Freezer Burns, about what the packaging tells you about frozen pizza, how to trick out even the worst varieties, and why Greg will never review Ellio's. More


Dinosaur Eggs, Jane Austen’s Ice Cream, and More (AUDIO)

What did dinosaur eggs taste like? How was Jane Austen's dessert shaped? How do you make ice cream on an uninhabited island in the summer? Answers and more in Dan's favorite Sporkful of the year! More


Hash Browns and Home Fries Compared and Contrasted (AUDIO)

Dan and Slate's L.V. Anderson debate the relative merits, ideal characteristics, and correct definitions of hash browns and home fries. More

July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest

Eater X: The Sporkful Interview (AUDIO)

On Thanksgiving, we're all competitive eaters. So Dan sits down with Tim "Eater X" Janus to get a Thanksgiving Day pep talk and to learn more about the world of competitive eating. Much, much more. More


Debating Pasta Shapes and Sizes (AUDIO)

Slate's Julia Turner joins Dan to discuss the merits of short vs. long pastas, which shapes should be eliminated, and the best ways to get different shapes into your mouth, including the question of whether short pastas are better eaten with a spoon. More