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Building A Better Ice Cream Cone For The Next Generation

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Sep 30, 2014

As an eating device, the ice cream cone is an inherently flawed mechanism: leaky, drippy, poorly-proportioned to the ice cream, and an ineffective vessel for precious cargo, a.k.a. toppings. Not to mention the occasional tragedy of a spilled scoop of ice cream that hasn't been packed in well enough.

On this episode of You're Eating It Wrong, Dan is joined by Billy Barlow, culinary director at Blue Marble Ice Cream, to set things right.

How? Well, for starters, turn your toppings into bottomings. Slice your ice cream scoops in half for more even conical filling. And layer your cones with some carefully placed fudge and chocolate chips. You'll end up with the happiest scoop-eating experience of your young (or old) life.

Need a walkthrough? Watch the video above to achieve technical ice cream perfection!

Talia Ralph is a freelance writer pursuing her Master's in Food Systems at NYU. She also hosts a radio show about pizza. Follow her on Twitter @TaliaBethRalph.

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