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Mission: ImPASTAble 7 (Update) | Turning The Ship

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Nov 08, 2021
Mission: ImPASTAble 7 (Update) | Turning The Ship

We’re back with the latest on cascatelli, the new pasta shape that Dan invented. Now that the chaos around cascatelli’s launch has died down, Dan has to make some big decisions about what to do next — with help from his cousin Carrie and die maker Chris Maldari. Then while Sfoglini upgrades their factory and tries to get the pasta into stores and restaurants, Dan explores other opportunities. Can he land the kind of deal he’s hoping for? Plus: Dan puts his mom to work developing recipes for cascatelli.

Order your limited edition cascatelli gift box now at! And use The Fresh Market’s store locator to find cascatelli in a store near you.

Original theme music by Andrea Kristinsdottir. Interstitial music in this episode by Black Label Music:

  • "Layers" by Erick Anderson
  • "Lowtown" by Jack Ventimiglia
  • "Narwhal" by Casey Hjelmberg
  • "The Cantina" by Erick Anderson
  • "Ya Gotta" by Ken Brahmstedt
  • "Lucky Strike" by Erick Anderson
  • "Small Talk" by Hayley Briasco
  • "All Black" by Erick Anderson

Photo courtesy of Dan Pashman.

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